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This research service focuses on corporate treasurers, aiming to deliver the latest thinking and insights around the business dynamics, operational practices, and technological underpinnings that impact corporate treasury departments. The service helps corporate decision-makers stay abreast of industry trends, analyze and seize opportunities, and monitor the playing field. Technology vendors can also benefit from the […]

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I have recently attended a European conference on the Payment Services Directive (PSD), the legal foundation for the creation of an EU-wide single market for payments. As stated on the European Commission’s site, the PSD “aims at establishing a modern and comprehensive set of rules applicable to all payment services in the European Union. The […]

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Large credit card issuers have been given relatively free rein in the past. That has now come to an end with recent legislation. Double cycle billing is now over. According to the American Banker, “The statute allows card companies to increase rates on existing balances only when a payment is 60 days or more late, […]

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I have been receiving many inquiries from banks about what to do with their aging online banking platforms. They recognize the need to upgrade but question what their provider is suggesting or simply would like to know more about where the market is headed. I have spent a lot of time researching the market and […]

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Last week, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee (the senatorial committee playing the lead role in healthcare reform), published a number of options that are being considered as ways to pay for healthcare reform. Very interestingly, the committee provided an insightful glimpse of how HSAs (health savings accounts) and FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) may fare in […]

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At the MasterCard analyst conference in Purchase, New York, executives talked about buying newspaper with your mastercard at a vending machine. The same goes for transit fares, lattes, etc. While a case can be made for the merchant and it is certainly a win for the associations, it is unclear how big a win it […]

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It was an interesting and dangerous week in the PFM space. I have been talking about the security risks and data privacy issues of PFM for some time and unfortunately my predictions have come true. This is what happened: Rudder experienced what I would consider to be a serious data breach. Certain Rudder users were […]

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Most everyone knows that the Federal Reserve announced recently that it would launch a same-day ACH settlement option to be available in the second quarter of 2010. The service enhancement would be offered optionally, would require opt-in, and would carry ostensibly higher pricing to the originating bank (ODFI) to compensate the RDFI for the accelerated […]

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Australia and Canada have many things in common: Both are members of the Commonwealth. Both have very consolidated banking industries. In Australia this is enshrined in the four pillars policy. In Canada, the top five banks control about 95% of all deposits. For more information, see the upcoming Celent report Too Big to Bail: Banking […]

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Anyone who has even remotely paid attention is aware that there is a major debate looming over healthcare reform. More than any time in the past, it appears that there is a serious possibility that the U.S. healthcare system will be overhauled. I am often asked about the potential impact of healthcare reform on the […]

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