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Pitney Bowes and Jack Henry & Associates (JHA) have teamed up to offer remote deposit capture (RDC) to small businesses. JHA’s ProfitStars division is providing the solution. The relationship was announced in May. E-mail marketing has begun among Pitney Bowes installed base of postal meter customers. The bank-neutral solution branded Click Deposit provides bundled scanner […]

Jul 24th, 2009 | Filed under Retail Banking

Many of our readers are aware that I am increasing my research of the mobile banking & payments space. Although I haven’t had the chance to look at this area in over a year, the mobile NFC payments space (at least in the U.S.) remains in a state of limbo. Of course, during the last […]

Jul 21st, 2009 | Filed under Retail Banking

A flurry of banks have joined Twitter and setup their presence in an effort to communicate with customers, market products and solve customer service issues (see my blog entry on What Banks Can Do With Twitter). It’s a great idea and has made many customers quite happy, particularly if they get an instant response to […]

Jul 14th, 2009 | Filed under Banking

As I tour Asia there seems to be a consistent trend. Most banks in the Far East are taking a new look at wholesale services such as trade finance and cash management. The top global banks are beefing up their offerings. Top tier national banks are thinking about whether to build their own capabilities or […]

Jul 13th, 2009 | Filed under Corporate Banking

I love innovation, particularly when it takes place in the financial services industry. It’s what prompted me to write my most recent report, Financial Technology Startups: Giving Banks a Run for Their Money. I have been following the activities of SmartyPig for some time now, and I must say that I am taken by their […]

Jul 13th, 2009 | Filed under Retail Banking

Last week, Visa announced an alliance with Monitise plc, a major player in the mobile banking & payments space. This announcement was significant given that the mobile banking & payments space is very hot these days, and continues to be billed as “the next big thing” in payments. From Visa’s perspective, Monitise’s allure likely came […]

Jul 6th, 2009 | Filed under Banking

At Celent we are recording a constant trend among financial institutions to concentrate their cash management and trade finance offerings. This falls under the umbrella of Global Transaction Banking (GTB). That this interest is driven by a business imperative becomes immediately evident when we learn that, for instance, Deutsche Bank has experienced a 20% increase […]

Jul 3rd, 2009 | Filed under Corporate Banking

moneyStrands is an online PFM tool that is available to consumers online. While moneyStrands offers a slick, easy-to-use site, it is but one of many players battling in the crowded PFM space. Its largest differentiator is that it boasts BBVA as a client (BBVA also invested US$24 million in the firm in December 2007). This […]

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