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Banks have taken many steps to protect customers online. Multifactor authentication (MFA) , policies for online banking, and consumer education, are among some of the sentries in place. The FDIC however issued a warning last week specifically aimed at the business online banking / cash management space. The alert relates to financial institutions that provide […]

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The recent passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy and the imminent opening of the U.S. Congress’ Fall legislative session turned my attention back to the healthcare reform debate. Reaching out to my healthcare banking industry contacts and reviewing various healthcare-related web sites, I quickly came to the obvious conclusion that this debate has yet to address […]

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I, like many Americans, hold a Chase credit card. With their recent purchase of WaMu with a huge branch network on the West Coast, they were continuously making offers of increasing dollar amounts to open a checking account. After about a dozen of these, culminating with one for $150, I finally relented. The experience was […]

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Islamic banking has been on the rise in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 60% of the global Islamic banking market. However, despite its rise in the rest of the region, the penetration of Islamic banking in India has been low. This is especially surprising with India having approximately 154 million Muslims and being the second […]

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Goldleaf Financial Solutions is not a big company (US$80 million in 2008) – certainly not by US core system vendor standards, but the acquisition of Goldleaf by Jack Henry & Associates may be bigger than it appears. For its size, Goldleaf has a large share of the distributed capture market. With more and more financial […]

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Just last week, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) announced that it was looking to sell its Blue Healthcare Bank operation. BCBSA originally chartered the bank in 2007, mainly to capture a share of the HSA market. Back then, this seemed like a really smart move and received considerable industry attention. At the time, […]

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I am currently running a research project on e-invoicing across Europe, U.S.A., and Asia. The key areas of my investigation are: · Volumes of paper and electronic invoices exchanged in the regions · The role of the Public Administrations in pushing for the use of e-invoices · Communication standards and transmission channels (e.g., inter-bank; proprietary; […]

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Now that the dust has settled on remote deposit capture, RDC, for commercial customers, a relatively small number of financial institutions are looking towards measured expansion of the technology to include wealth management, micro business and private banking clients. Some even contemplate making RDC available to a broad consumer base using suitably equipped mobile phones […]

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As I visited with a number of the Japanese mega-banks they found themselves in situations not unfamiliar to American or Western European banks. The mega-banks are all a product of mergers and there is a need to rationalize systems across the merged entity. They also find themselves with large monolithic systems that are increasingly inflexible, […]

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