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Celent senior analyst: Jacob Jegher This event is only open to Celent clients. Please click here for more information.

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Two years ago at SIBOS most of my interactions were around the topic of what was SCF (Supply Chain Finance). Banks were truly interested to know more about it. Last year, at SIBOS in Vienna, the conversation was on what banks had ready (or almost so) to go to market with their SCF products and […]

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Earlier this year, Oliver Wyman, Celent’s parent company, published a report, Insufficient Funds: The outlook for deposit fees and implications for banking institutions. In the report, the authors argued that the current deposit fee picture was unsustainable. Too few customers are paying too high a percentage of the fees, while the vast majority of customers […]

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It’s been about a year now since I wrote the report, Web 2.0: A Quantum Leap for Wholesale Banking. I predicted it would take a good 12-18 months before we would begin to see cutting-edge corporate online banking sites complete with Web 2.0 elements. Alas, we are starting to see some interesting solutions peek out […]

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Senator Max Baucus’ (D-MT) long-awaited healthcare reform bill Chairman’s Mark (draft) was finally released today. I haven’t had chance to dive into the details, but a few interesting healthcare banking-related points jumped out: The worst-case scenario did not materialize: FSAs, HSAs and HSAs are not targeted for extinction. However, there will be limited contribution amounts […]

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The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, FFIEC, issued its long-awaited guidance on remote deposit capture risk management in January 2009. The document clearly precipitated a flurry of activity among virtually every bank engaged in RDC. To many banks, the guidance was akin to raising the homeland security threat level from Green to Orange. RDC must […]

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Our Model Bank Report is one of our most popular reports – and for good reason. It showcases and profiles innovative and exemplary efforts in banking. In addition to having their best practice case study publicized in the report and in the media, each featured bank will receive an award at Celent Innovation & Insight […]

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Last week, I came across an intriguing Op-Ed piece written by Michael Pollan in the New York Times. With the backdrop of healthcare reform and universal coverage (i.e., anyone, even with pre-existing conditions will receive health insurance), Pollan states that insurance companies will have more of an incentive to control behavioral-based conditions, such as diabetes, […]

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An interesting post on TechCrunch caught my eye this morning. They are reporting that Intuit is a few days away from announcing the acquisition of The deal is valued at an estimated $170 million. It is certainly a great feat for, and outspoken CEO Aaron Patzer. At the 2008 Celent Innovation & Insight […]

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Like many of you, last night I watched President Obama’s address to Congress regarding healthcare. I was particularly attuned to any information that might reveal the administration’s views regarding consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) and accompanying tax-advantaged accounts, such as HSAs. One passage of President Obama’s speech (that raised Republican heckles) mentioned that the details still have […]

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