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Earlier this afternoon I hosted a very well attended webinar on IT spending. The webinar went over the data and trends that I published in the January 2009 report, IT Spending in Banking: A North American Perspective. We just kicked off the next round of research in preparation for the 2010 IT spending report and […]

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To help customers avoid fees and more easily manage their finances, BBVA Compass is joining a growing number of large US banks announcing policy changes. Specifically: Eliminate all overdraft fees when a customer’s account is overdrawn by $5 or less Provide new customers the choice to opt-in to overdraft protection at account opening Actively promote […]

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For our U.S. readers, most of you have begun (or are about to begin) your healthcare enrollment process. Once again, we will have to face the daunting task of trying to understand the myriad of complex benefit designs among the differing health plan options offered by our employers. The whole process is as fun as, […]

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Some recent quarterly bank results show that profits are shifting to the wholesale domain. To adapt their IT infrastructure and make it resilient to this business trend, banks should look for a reference in the automotive industry. Volvo, Scania, Iveco, Hitachi, are manufacturers of special purpose/ heavy duty vehicles (e.g., buses, trucks, excavators) and are […]

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I recently blogged about why Businesses Require Better Protection Online. The writeup was based on a warning from the FDIC that was aimed at businesses who bank online. Last week, a firm called Genlabs Corp. had $437,000 fly out of their account. Username, password, and token were compromised as fraudsters gained access to the account. […]

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Celent senior analysts Enrico Camerinelli. This event is only open to Celent clients. Please click here for more information.

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I spent most of last week at the AFP conference in San Francisco. Although attendance seemed to be rather dismal (I am still waiting to hear some actual figures), it was a great conference for me with very productive meetings. Most of my meetings were centered around online corporate banking and payments – hot topics […]

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On the heels for of my most recent mobile banking/payments report (The View from the Mobile NFC Finish Line: Bank Economics in a Mature Mobile NFC Payments World), I have turned my attention to the developing markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America. One striking finding is just how quickly mobile P2P payments have spread, […]

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At the Bank Systems and Technology Executive Summit in Pasadena, I had the opportunity to spend time with many bank technology executives. They had many insights I would like to share: 1. The single view of the customer needs to happen from both the front end (customer experience, cross sell, etc.) and the back end […]

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During the last couple of months, I’ve noticed increased interest, queries and activity surrounding on-line bill pay for healthcare payments. Given increased healthcare costs paid by consumers and the fact that we normally receive bills for medical visits after the doctor’s appointment (i.e., we don’t make full payment at the medical facility), on-line bill pay […]

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