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Many of our healthcare banking readers have by now heard of the recent turn of events at Canopy Financial, a tech vendor offering CDH (consumer-directed healthcare) account processing platforms for banks and health plan carriers. As has been reported in TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal, serious allegations are being made regarding financial report falsification. […]

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I am planning my next year’s research agenda. I have identified a number of interesting topics to work on, for which I’d appreciate your input: how would you vote for, in order of priority, given the following titles? a> Transaction Banking for regional banks b> Strategies for Trade Finance c> Processes, People, and Technology in […]

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To run in house or outsource? At some banks this is a religious question. At others it is not even a question at all. Finally at some it is an ongoing debate. Celent hopes to write a report about this topic analyzing data across a wide range of US banks. The questions we ask? What […]

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Since remote deposit capture (RDC) made its debut several years ago, 90% of client adoption has been at the hands of financial institutions offering generic solutions. Once primarily aimed at retaining treasury management clients, 60% of financial institutions surveyed in August 2009 now cite deposit gathering the primary objective of RDC. But alongside banks, non-financial […]

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Celent senior analyst Jeff Goldberg This event is free to Celent clients and the media. Non-clients can attend for a fee of USD $249. Celent will contact non-clients after they register for credit card information. Please click here for more information.

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Last week, just in time for the BAI Retail Delivery conference (see my conference summary here, and Red Gillen’s great P2P payments observations here), I released a report called, Demystifying Social Media and Next-Generation Online Banking. The report has been receiving a lot of attention as social media is a subject that is on the […]

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Following Jacob Jegher’s recent post, I’d like to add some observations from the BAI conference, regarding P2P. This functionality, which has been talked about for years, is usually portrayed in “social” or “casual” P2P context (as American Banker puts it, the “let’s split the dinner bill” crowd). Usage has been low, partially due to consumers’ […]

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The end date for the application of the Payment Service Directive (PSD) just expired on November 2nd. The transposition of PSD into country legislation was presented as the last hurdle before the full deployment of SEPA Direct Debit (SDD). The European Payments Council (EPC) keeps on confirming a successful kick-off, where to-date 2,607 banks, representing […]

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I arrived in Boston on Tuesday for the BAI Retail Delivery conference. I have been attending this conference for a number of years and it typically provides me with a good stream of exciting and innovative information and solid meetings. While my calendar is booked solid, and I have had good meetings with clients and […]

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