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Remote cash capture (RCC) is the deployment of secure, validating currency accepting and recycling equipment (aka smart safes) at merchant locations coupled with information reporting and provisional credit mechanisms. Such equipment has been in use for nearly 15 years in the US as a means to improve merchant cash cycle control. The advent of bank-offered […]

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Changes to Reg E will have a dramatic impact on the economic of free checking and checking in general. Let’s first look at the main points of the new rules: 1. Consumers must explicitly opt in to overdraft charges for ATM and one time debit card transactions for both new and existing accounts. 2. These […]

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An avid follower of the mobile banking/payments space, I’ve recently been struck by similarly-themed analogies about mobile payments, which are worth keeping in mind (especially by us industry analysts). To be more specific, for mobile payments to work anytime soon, they have to be easy. The first and perhaps most meaningful illustration of this point […]

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Celent has been receiving a truckload of IT spending questions. This is no surprise, and we usually receive these inquiries at this time of year. Things are a little bit different though this year as after a rough 2009, folks are curious as to if the figures are on the uptick in 2010. I wrote […]

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Corporations are asking for more and more capital allocation. The numbers easily reach the Billion Euro/ Dollar sphere, and no single bank has the appetite to take on such a risk alone. The likely future model is one of a syndicated marketplace based on a technology platform, into which financial institutions, private capital funding, insurers, […]

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In December, the UK Payments Council announced a 2018 target date for closing all cheque clearing operations in the UK. With some alarm, a few clients have asked Celent if the Council’s actions might signal similar forthcoming action in the US. And, if so, what are the implications? This post makes several observations. The UK […]

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Late last week the Huffington Post published an article called, Move Your Money: A New Year’s Resolution. It’s an interesting read, and is attracting a lot of attention in the online world. The folks involved went ahead and setup a web site, This site allows individuals to search for a community bank in their […]

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