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It’s hard to imagine a business trip without a Smartphone. This week at NACHA Payments 2010, an embarrassing event caused me to consider the practical risks of overreliance on mobile devices. Mobile payments were a hot topic in Seattle this week. Multiple sessions argued the coincidence of factors that will bring about the ascent of […]

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I just recently completed a trip to Japan (yet another), this time with the explicit objective of examining the Japanese mobile proximity payments. I had the great fortune to meet with some of the biggest companies in the Japanese market, including banks, mobile carriers and payment brands. Despite what will be a hectic travel schedule […]

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If only it were just a blip. Mashable just reported that a simple Google search reveals Blippy users’ credit card numbers. As much as I love the social web, I could never wrap my head around the concept of folks providing their credit card number in order to share info on what they are purchasing. […]

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Celent Innovation and Insight Day is just around the corner. I gave you as sneak preview of some of our panelists a short while ago. We just recently announced the full roster for our social media panel: Rhonda Crawford Vice President Digital Media & Innovation USAA Steven L. Kruskamp Jr. E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Officer 1st […]

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I was recently in Santiago, Chile and have a very unscientific view of the credit crisis in the US. I see the same thing happening in Chile. Banks are on every street corner in Santiago. The list of banks is impressively long and the branch density is astounding. Banco de Chile Banco de Desarrollo Banco […]

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Based on my research, Chief Operating Officers (COO) of Transaction Banks are focusing on: > Integrating cash and trade management functions. > Aligning business units on same performance targets (i.e., same P&L) to ensure integration of functions. > Educating sales reps to understand their clients’ business processes. > Consolidating IT systems to extract data and […]

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A while back I blogged about the security risks associated with social networks (see One of the risks of social sites like Twitter is the ability for a fraudster to pretend they are Bank XYZ in order to steal customer information and credentials. While there are many factors required to curb potential fraud, an […]

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Following up on Jacob Jegher’s post below, I would like to elaborate on content of the mobile payments panel at Celent Innovation & Insight Day on May 13 in NYC. As Jacob mentioned, we will be joined by panelists from PayPal and Citi. Wells Fargo will also be joining the panel, so some of the […]

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Celent Banking Innovation and Insight Day is around the corner! The response so far to this event has been tremendous and we are expecting a full house. Come join us in New York to gain a fresh perspective on subjects including top tech trends, social media, risk management, core banking, mobile payments, and more. I […]

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I just received a statement stuffer from one of my banks providing me “Important information for consumers about your checking account.” This is about the changes to Reg E. Consumers must opt-in to overdraft protection for one time debit card purchases and ATM transactions. This is a game changer in the world of retail banking […]

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