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Years ago, while an employee at Visa, I was told by my manager that for commercial card payments, “the value is in the non-financial information”. In other words, the value of a commercial card transaction is in the enhanced data that helped corporations with decisioning. On the other hand, financial settlement (moving money from Point […]

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It’s certainly no news flash that US check volumes have been declining. Depending on whom you talk to 5% to 7% annual rates of decline (checks written) over the past few years seems likely. Another Federal Reserve check study is in the works this year to add precision since it has been since 2007 since […]

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Last Thursday, we hosted our annual Banking Innovation and Insight Day at the Westin Times Square in NYC. Celent Senior Analyst Bob Meara opened up to a packed house with his presentation on top tech trends. This set the stage for the day as we moved into more specific subjects including, social media, risk management, […]

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The folks at Twitter must have a secret love for financial services. First Jack Dorsey goes off to start Square and now Alex Payne jumps ship to become co-founder of What is A recent TechCrunch post led me to some interesting info on the firm. Their web site states that they are “an […]

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On Tuesday, Red Gillen and I attended Finovate in San Francisco. The conference brings together a slew of fintech startups as well as a handful of established players. Thirty six companies showcase their wares in 7 minute demos. Sounds like a short time frame, but if done properly, is more than enough time for a […]

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This week I attended one of The Financial Services Club events in London – a debate on whether payments infrastructure risk has been largely forgotten. The debate’s outcome was “no, it hasn’t been”, but the discussion raised some interesting points and provided a lot more colour to the answer. The general consensus was that operational […]

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April & May are proving to be crazy travel months for me. With 5 consecutive weeks of travel to deal with, I’ve tried to make things interesting by using United Airline’s new mobile boarding pass technology. Although it’s not mobile banking technology, it is a POS-like use of mobile phones, so I guess I couldn’t […]

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It is a fact that players in the manufacturing sector are continuously striving to reduce inventory levels to improve working capital ratios. Indeed, inventory is a non productive asset, and therefore must be minimized as possible. It is also a fact that a focus on reducing inventory levels without keeping a wider eye on the […]

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The answer is yes! I met a UX (User Experience) architect at a conference this week and she presented the following video. It’s an ad from Volkswagen that showcases a usability experiment to encourage people to take the stairs in the subway. To me the message is loud and clear – even the most mundane […]

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