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Consumer mobile banking has already created quite a stir. Hefty marketing campaigns aimed at the consumer market are being used to promote mobile banking services. While the potential of the consumer mobile banking market is certainly attractive, little emphasis is being placed on the corporate or small business markets. This is quite surprising given the […]

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Attending an SAP analyst conference, Dr. Kerstin Geiger raised the issue of convergence, specifically that the boundaries between industries are blurring. We at Celent see this quite strongly in banking. We lots of entries into the banking market from various industries, some of which are quite closely aligned to banking: Insurance (USAA and MetLife) Brokers […]

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Reg. E changes, the Credit Card act of 2009, the Restoring American Financial Stability Act – all have eroded banks ability to generate revenue. While the full extent of the damage this legislation has caused the industry remains to be seen, one clear implication is that banks must shed costs. For example, in a July […]

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Earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with almost every major bank in English- and French-speaking Canada. As it is well-known, one feature that distinguishes the Canadian banking market from the U.S. is the relatively low number of (mostly) nationwide banks. The “big 5” banks based in Toronto, and […]

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In the Celent report Reg, Reg, Go Away: Sorry Banks, They’re Here to Stay, I laid out a stark landscape for checking accounts due to the implications of Reg E. Revenue will drop and profits will drop likely moving into loss. What should banks do? A few of the options were: Raise price Create bare […]

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Last week I attended “The Future of Cards and Payments” conference in London. Over two days, various speakers shared their perspectives on how they see the cards and payments market developing, particularly in the UK. Here is a selection of facts, which I picked up during the presentations and found especially interesting: The crisis hasn’t […]

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Mobile banking is now in the mainstream. I am a customer of JPMorgan Chase and like the iPhone app. It gives me the access to what I need in a mobile app: Balance information. Transaction history. Branch and ATM locations I can also use it to pay my credit card bill. All good. The only […]

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A couple of weeks ago, while in Japan, I took a break from studying banks and payment solutions and met with an unlikely research subject — McDonald’s. I met with McDonald’s because during my latest mobile payments research, the fast food chain was frequently mentioned by payments industry players as a merchant to watch. Being […]

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