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On a recent business trip to Atlanta, I arrived at the rental car lot and there were almost no cars to choose from. I use National’s Emerald Aisle service and the manager kindly pointed me to a brand new Chevy Camaro parked off to the side. It’s not my kind of car, but I figured […]

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Today, BankServ and NetDeposit announced the signing of a definitive agreement wherein BankServ will acquire substantially all of the assets of RDC pioneer NetDeposit, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation (Nasdaq:ZION). The combined entity would place BankServ solidly among the largest RDC vendors when measured by the number of live end-users, but well […]

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Over the last month, the U.S. market has been flooded with stories about major developments in the mobile NFC payments space. These have included the “outed” rumors of a joint venture among AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon, Apple’s hiring of a senior manager with an NFC background, and the revelation that BofA will test mobile NFC payments along with […]

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Celent will be hosting two exciting events on Tuesday October 19th just before BAI in Las Vegas. The first is open to all: The Impact of Alternative Channels on Your Bank — Join the Celent banking team and a select group of banking panelists for a unique opportunity to explore how banks are leveraging alternative […]

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In the last couple of weeks, there have been a few announcements in the US and the UK about new ways to pay for e-commerce goods – via your online bank account. SafetyPay announced its formal entry to the US market and eWise, a company behind Secure Vault Payments in the US, announced a partnership […]

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I just returned from a rare visit to my bank branch. As I was waiting in line, the man in front of me was in the process of screaming at the teller. He was furious that the teller had requested he provide his birthdate and mailing address information prior to handing him cash. She politely […]

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In today’s New York Times, the paper announced that Wells Fargo had lost a Federal Court ruling to the tune of $203 million. Wells Fargo, like most other large banks, processes checking and debit transactions from largest to smallest, rather than in the order received. There are a number of rationales for this policy. One […]

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A while back I posted what may have been an amusing account of my inept smart phone handling at a cocktail party. My folly resulted in the device dropping into a glass of merlot. Obviously, the phone was immediately disabled. Once home, I tried several remedies including placing the phone in the oven at low […]

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Zilvinas Bareisis, Senior Analyst, Celent’s Banking Group This event is free to attend. Celent clients and the media will have access to the webinar’s PowerPoint presentation after the event. Please click here for more information.

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I just came back from vacation having visited family and friends in Lithuania. There, at one of the retailers, I saw a rare sight – a list price and a discounted price if paying cash instead of a card. In Europe, I am very used to having to pay extra if paying by card, particularly […]

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