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It’s that time of the year again! I don’t mean the holidays unfortunately. I’d like to say that my mind has been busy with holiday planning but I have been otherwise occupied with bank IT spending. I’ve spent the last little while working on our global IT spending reports for 2011 along with my colleagues […]

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Celent senior analysts, Banking Group Admission to the event is free for Celent clients, banks, technology firms, and the media, but space is limited and pre-registration by Thursday, January 20 is required. Please click here for more information.

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Earlier this year, I blogged about Online Banking e-Payments (OBeP) solutions which allow consumers to pay merchants online directly from their bank accounts via online banking channel (e.g. iDEAL in the Netherlands). I mentioned that eWise and VocaLink have announced their partnership to launch such a solution in the UK market and shared my thoughts […]

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The Federal Reserve published a summary of its 2010 Federal Reserve Payments Study this week. Predictably, the study evidenced double digit growth in debit and prepaid cards from 2006 through 2009, alongside essentially flat credit card usage. The study evidenced a continued decline in check writing of -6.5% CAGR, from 33.1 billion in 2006 to […]

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I recently reviewed an Oliver Wyman report on multichannel banking among large European banks that includes the results of a survey of 30 European retail banks from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. Taking note of relative channel priorities among survey participants, I was compelled to compare those with stated priorities among US banks […]

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Working in the San Francisco, I am not unfamiliar with fog. It can swirl around you and disorient you, obscuring the reality of what is really happening. I think that the hype around cloud computing is more fog than cloud. What is Cloud computing? From the Celent Report, Cloud Computing, SaaS, and Technology Outsourcing for […]

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Ask Trust Bank. This Russian bank has chosen Bruce Willis to represent the bank in its new advertising campaign. Apparently the bank selected Bruce Willis because he embodied its slogan of “trust and dignity.” Bruce Willis’ mug now appears on bank billboards in Moscow and on the bank’s web site. The text on the billboard […]

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