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The new year brings lots of questions, planning and decision making. IT spending is tied directly to these elements, and as in past years, we have been receiving a truckload of IT spending questions. After a rough couple of years folks are curious as to if the figures are on the uptick in 2011. The […]

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In my younger days as a product manager in Silicon Valley, my engineering team often told me that I can induce bugs simply by looking at the software. The system they built would always work perfectly until I attempted to use it and then, voila, when it was time to show it to me, it […]

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The latest big bank mobile RDC launch is by a bank holding company headquartered in Barcelona. Go figure! Banco Sabadell is the first Spanish bank to launch a mobile RDC service. Press release: The product’s menu: Banco Sabadell’s application has a familiar look and feel, closely resembling most mobile RDC applications launched by […]

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We are gathering Celent analysts from across the globe for our annual global off site at Celent. ideas around top trends in both Retail and Corporate Banking seem to take on a new tenor this year. No longer are cost reduction and risk the top priorities. Many other growth-oriented initiatives have percolated up to the […]

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This time of the year is always good for reflection and looking forward. I have also been reflecting on the payments issues we have been dealing with at Celent in 2010 and what is likely to be important in 2011. The good news for consumer is that payments innovation continues apace. The card schemes are […]

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There has been a lot of hype and press regarding Quora lately. Quora describes itself as: “a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. The most important thing is to have each question page become the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about […]

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This revisits an earlier blog entry comparing stated channel priorities between US and European banks. I’m encouraged by the spirited discussions it spawned. Some have been critical of bank’s slow – even flawed – approach to multichannel delivery. We agree. There are clear philosophical, generational, organizational and systems barriers to a swift and through transition […]

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I came across the following article yesterday about, a new fintech startup that, “turns financial planning into a game.” The blending of savings goals, badges, and social features piqued my interests and I headed over to take a look. The intro video explaining the solution is really slick and does a good job at […]

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