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This week Visa held its earnings call and one of the key announcements was a pricing restructuring. In what appears to be a direct response to Durbin regulations, Visa is lowering its variable per-transaction fees and introducing a “network participation fee” in the United States for all of its debit, credit and prepaid card services. […]

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Earlier this month Aptys Solutions announced the availability of same-day ACH support on its PayLogics platform primarily used by midsize banks. On about the same timing, Fiserv made known the availability later this year of a separately licensed module to its PEP+ product used by most large US banks. The enhancement is currently being pilot […]

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This month I had the pleasure of riding the STP (Seattle to Portland) bicycle classic, a relatively flat 200 mile ride over a weekend. While the organizers provide food and rest stops, one can never have too much food and water on these events. There are ten thousand participants and we pass literally hundreds of […]

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Reader, I had to bite my tongue yesterday. A lot. Indeed, I had to wait until today so my blog was a blog rather than a rant. Yesterday, the UK Payments Council said it had cancelled any plans to retire cheques in the UK , after severe pressure from MPs and from consumer groups. The […]

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I’ve written many times about the fact that new regulation often has unintended consequences. To be fair, whilst you can model and theorize, it’s often hard to judge what Joe Public or market will actually do. Sometimes though, you feel like saying ….duhh – what did you expect?! I think one that may fall into […]

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As you may gather from some of my recent posts, it’s the speaking season. This post is the third in a row about insights and observations from recent speaking engagements. Whilst the core of being an analyst is about writing, getting out and talking to people is equally important, and equally as satisfying. This time […]

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EBay / PayPal has acquired Zong, one of the leading companies in mobile payments. What did they buy? First they bought relationships with hundreds of mobile network operators (MNOs) who trust Zong enough to allow them to bill the MNO’s customer accounts. PayPal knows how to bill a bank account or a credit card, but […]

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This morning, TechCrunch published an article titled, With Top Banks In Tow, Financial Service Provider Yodlee Hits 30 Million Users. Here are the stats: – has 5 million registered users – Yodlee has 30 million registered users Both figures are impressive, so congrats to the vendors. However, as an analyst, I don’t care too […]

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Is it something in the water? It’s been an incredible few weeks for corporate marriages. From Fundtech and S1 to Fiserv and CashEdge, from Visa and Fundamo to now Western Union and Travelex Global Business Payments. An estimated $24bn B2B cross-border payments market is growing rapidly, driven by both the demand side, such as growth […]

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Last week the FFIEC issued the long awaited Supplement to Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment. I read through the 12 page report (it’s actually 8 pages with a 4 page appendix), and kept reminding myself that I should try to look at this in a cup half full manner. Yes, I can be a […]

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