First Look at PayPal’s Mobile Strategy

First Look at PayPal’s Mobile Strategy
With preparations for SIBOS (see Gareth’s earlier blog), it would have been easy to miss PayPal’s announcement this week amongst all the other pre-SIBOS press releases. And it would have been a mistake, because it is important. PayPal talked about “re-imagining money” and “new normal in retail”. Often such platitudes don’t mean much, but if PayPal can implement what their slick video demonstrates, it might indeed be something special. Details are still scarce, but PayPal showed how it would change the retailing experiencing through mobile, but without changing the retailers’ terminals. No NFC, but code scanning; cards with PayPal logo (but no Visa/ MasterCard and not even a number). Checkouts possible without queuing at the tills. Deciding how to settle for purchases after a busy shopping day by putting some on PayPal credit and paying for others immediately through a card or bank account. More details will be needed to understand if and how this vision is going to be turned into reality, but for now, enjoy the film and I will see you in Toronto.
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