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I’ve been attending the EFMA conference “The Future of Cash” in Frankfurt this week. As someone who has spent the majority of their working life in the cashless space, I felt somewhat an intruder at times in the conversations (though I have to say by no means unwelcome – my thanks again to my hosts). […]

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Wholesale lockbox (WLBX) has been a staple treasury management product for five decades or so. It amazes me that after all these years, the market for WLBX continues to grow and innovate. A far cry from retail lockbox, WLBX enjoys significant revenue growth opportunities. By Celent estimates, over 12,000 eligible U.S. companies with over $25 […]

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Over recent months, there has been a considerable increase in the buzz around mobile and electronic wallets in the developed markets. New wallets have been launched (e.g., Google Wallet, Amex Serve), with many more companies announcing intent to compete in this space (e.g., Visa, PayPal, Isis, and others). A number of industry leaders proclaimed (again) […]

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That was the question someone asked me last week at an ATM, Debit and Prepaid Forum. I know – it was in Vegas, the person was joking and the question is really a rethorical one. And yet, it kind of rings true, because no one seems to be happy with the new regulation. Except, of […]

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Last week the UK saw the launch of the Mobile Money Network’s (MMN) new Simply Tap mobile shopping service. Is this yet another mobile app destined for obscurity or will it truly re-design our shopping and payment experience? I’ve downloaded the app to give it a try. The registration process was simple and straightforward. The […]

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Celent senior analysts, Banking Group Admission to the event is free, but space is limited and pre-registration by Wednesday, January 18, 2012 is required. Please click here for more information.

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I’ve read with interest the press release from Wells Fargo this week stating the expansion of their Global Treasury Platform into Europe. I’ve long pointed out that SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) creates an opportunity not just for European banks but any bank who wants to make payments in or out of Europe. I’ve recently […]

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Account opening is an interesting process at US Banks and it is insightful to see how much the process and style differs across banks. At one bank, I was given a needs assessment, asked about my mortgage and what kind of credit cards I carried. Another bank showed me a list of accounts and asked […]

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It seems to be a point of perverse pleasure to my friends that as a banking expert I actually seem to suffer worse treatment from my bank than they do! I suspect that this is in part my imagination. Having had repeated conversations around x for umpteen years, to then suffer issues around x is […]

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