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As many of you may know, I used to work at a very large ACH – over a €1.4trn per year of transactions. Its therefore with some excitement that I look forward to Nachas’ Payments 2012 conference next week in Baltimore! Whilst much broader than just ACH, there are few other places where I can […]

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Every duck hunter knows that in order to avoid coming home empty-handed, one must aim ahead of the bird – lead the bird as it is commonly referred. The idea is that if one aims directly at the bird, every shot will be a miss no matter how precise the aim. That’s because by the […]

Many financial service firms are going to great lengths to ensure advertising is timely, relevant and compelling. Indeed, campaign management applications promise this very thing,.with the objective of improving sales lead rates. While on a family trip from Atlanta to Ohio last week, I had the occasion to experience FS advertising at multiple venues along […]

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Last Friday, the European Commission announced that it has extended its investigation into Project Oscar, the proposed mobile payments joint venture from a group of UK telcos. The regulator is concerned that the venture could be anti-competitive. Project Oscar is a JV between Vodafone, Telefonica and EverythingEverywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) to develop an infrastructure which […]

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I hope many of you will have had chance to read Zil’s excellent report on the outlook for a 3rd European Card scheme. I think we’re left in no doubt on his opinion – and one to which I whole-heartedly agree. However, I was reminded this week that this position – “don’ re—invent the wheel” […]

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Yesterday, I was informed by Obopay that they have ranked me in their top 10 Twitter influencers in North America. Before I pat myself on the back, and get you to congratulate me, I’d like you all to consider what this really means. I’d like to thank Obopay for the accolade, but the answer is […]

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Last Friday, the press began reporting about a major data breach at Global Payments, a large US card processor. As always in the early stages of such events, there were plenty of rumours and speculation with various sources reporting stolen card numbers to be as low as 50,000 or as high as 10 million. This […]

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