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Technology can clearly be an input used to transform traditional industries. Banking has plenty of tradition, and has already experienced plenty of change. What can banks learn from other industries that have successfully gone through a transformation process? Cushing Academy, a Massachusetts boarding school, has successfully transformed its library (read about it here and here). […]

Jul 31st, 2012 | Filed under Retail Banking

Should banks have a Facebook presence? What should they actually offer to customers via Facebook? Should it be informational or dare I say it, transactional? A couple of interesting announcements and feelers have surfaced lately: FNB (South Africa) launches banking via Facebook Citigroup Asks Facebook Users If They’d Like Social Banking Commonwealth Bank (Australia) to […]

Jul 23rd, 2012 | Filed under Retail Banking

Nope, it was a new one on me too. Turfing cropped up in the latest communications survey in the UK, run by Ofcom, the regulator for that sector. Turfing – obviously! – refers to the ability to surf and watch TV simultaneously on the same device. You might think then that report tells a tale […]

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It’s less than two weeks until the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The Olympic spirit is already in the air in London with all sort of preparations entering their final stages. A section of M4, a major motorway connecting the West of the UK with London was closed for a few days last week […]

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Celent recently completed the analysis of some small business research among a random sampling of 500+ small business owners with annual revenues up to $2.5 million. The universe of U.S. SMBs excluding those making less than $50k/year is roughly 25 million. The research underscored the centrality of check payments among small businesses – like it […]

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Google has announced that it’s going to deep six iGoogle, its dashboard portal to the web. Google is shutting it down because it claims that iGoogle, “had become less relevant in the age of the mobile Internet.” There are likely numerous reasons for this shutdown – Google’s “spring cleaning effort,” politics, centralization of web apps […]

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