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A rash of denial of service attacks hit major US banks this week. These are scary incidents that wreak havoc for banks and their customers. For now at least, these attacks appear to be limited to online sites, and are therefore interrupting the online banking activities of the US public. Online banking is a mainstream […]

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Temenos is realizing that customer experience is very important to the banking industry, at least as important as core systems. Given the trend of customers interact with their bank via the Internet or mobile as often as call center or branch, a soup to nuts technology provider needs to provide best in class user experience […]

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Celent analyst Hua Zhang This event is free to attend. Celent clients and the media will have access to the webinar’s PowerPoint presentation after the event. Please click here for more information.

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Oracle today announced its new core system, Oracle Banking Platform. Why on earth would Oracle develop a new core system apart from its very successful FLEXCUBE? The answer is one size does not fit all. FLEXCUBE is the original bank-in-a-box solution, developed for Citi as an international branch solution, and later known as FLEXCUBE Universal. […]

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I spent part of last week at Finovate Fall in New York (Celent is a proud Finovate partner). I always love the Finovate events – they provide me with a front row seat to examine the latest and greatest in banking technology. I’m primarily interested in companies showcasing emerging technology, and understanding how these technologies […]

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I think when I predicted at the beginning of last year that there would be consolidation in the vendor part of the payments business I was confident that it would happen. Hand on heart, I’m not sure even I expected some of the changes that have actually happened. We of course had the “love triangle” […]

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Just as Apple was announcing that its latest iPhone 5 would not include NFC (see my previous blog), NFC World reported that Casino, a large supermarket chain in France announced opening the “world’s first NFC-enabled supermarket.” The products would have NFC tags, which could be scanned by customers with their NFC-enabled phones in order to […]

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Yesterday Apply confirmed what many of us speculated on for months – iPhone 5 would not have NFC capability. It’s a beautiful phone – slim, elegant, with many attractive features, and no doubt will sell very well in the market. However, the payments industry was mostly interested in the question of NFC – “will they […]

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There are lots of conferences this fall, so I decided to post a brief entry as a follow up to Zil’s post about conference season. Fall is an extremely busy time for analysts and this year is no exception. Here is where you can find me over the next little while: Finovate Fall. I’ll be […]

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Another day, another interesting development in the mobile payments space. It was announced today that the European Commission “unconditionally approved” “Project Oscar”, a joint initiative between the leading UK telco operators to bring mobile payments to the UK. Earlier this year, the EC decided to investigate the venture’s plans citing competitive concerns. It’s clearly a […]

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