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Zilvinas Bareisis is a senior analyst with Celent's Banking practice. His research focuses on retail payments, including cards, e-commerce, and mobile payments. He has a global perspective with a particular emphasis on market developments in North America, the UK, and Europe.


  1. Great post Zil. One other interesting tidbit is that GoBank has taken a different approach than Simple or Movenbank. GoBank is actually a FDIC insured bank, whereas Simple and Movenbank have partnered with a bank (for deposit taking) and are acting as the front end. Very different business models and approaches. It will be interesting to see how consumers react.

    I’m kind of wary on the “name your own price” bit. Even though there is no branch network, there is still plenty of cost that GoBank is going to incur and they will need a solid business model in order to grow their business.

  2. Hi Zil,
    Nice article.The idea of allowing people to pay whatever they want for banking is an odd one. It might make sense in the context of thinking about the human appreciation you have for an artist like Radiohead, but this is GoBank we’re talking about. Users can pay anywhere from $0 to $9 per month.

  3. Interesting market introduction akin to Golden Circle theory (of Simon Sinek). Early adopters will pay to launch your product, if they feel strongly about supporting a “fix” to the traditional banking environment. If it’s a good product it’s about closing the gap for the mass market when the tipping point presents itself. I admire their calculated risk-taking and look forward to see if this innovation comes to be.

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