Bank IT Spending and Trends: What Does 2013 Look Like?

Bank IT Spending and Trends: What Does 2013 Look Like?
The new year brings lots of questions, planning and decision making. IT spending is tied directly to these elements, and as in past years, we have been receiving a truckload of IT spending questions. After a rocky few years folks are curious as to if the figures are on the uptick in 2013. The short answer is yes, but growth rates vary by region (4.0% growth in North America, 5.9% in Asia Pacific, and a flat 0.4% in Europe. The long answer, well, you will have to read the reports! Here is a quick snippet from, IT Spending in Banking: A Global Perspective (published earlier this week):
Total bank IT spending across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific will grow to US$179.2 billion in 2013, an increase of approximately 3.4% over 2012. This slight upward shift is an encouraging indicator of future growth; however, regional nuances cannot be ignored.
We have published a series of six reports this month that are relevant to all organizations: Happy reading!
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