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I’m currently in Boston with the entire Celent team at Innovation and Insight Day. We’ve got a great lineup of speakers and will be addressing subjects like multichannel delivery and mobile payments. We will also be presenting the prestigious Model Bank Awards.  If you are here in person or sitting at your desk in the […]

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Not long left before our annual Insight & Innovation Day in Boston – indeed, it’s next Wednesday, 27th Feb. It’s not too late to join us as we can probably squeeze a few more in still. The agenda is looking great, with various of my colleagues presenting, the Model Bank awards and a keynote from […]

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I recently stayed at a Sheraton in London. On arrival I was intrigued by a card that offered me 500 points for not having my room cleaned.  This was a different approach than the old, and not particularly effective, exhortation to hang my towel if I wanted to save water – in that scenario, there […]

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In my recent report on Digital Wallets, I discussed a number of players which while still keeping their cards close to their chests, have a potential to significantly influence the payments market. One of them is Apple, which made headlines recently with their patent for cash distribution without ATMs – see Bob Meara’s excellent blog and my related […]

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Yesterday, George Osborne, the Chancellor for the UK, made a speech about the reform of the UK banking industry. It covers a number of points, but some of the closing remarks are of particular interest to me as they relate to the payments infrastructure in the UK. Much of the preceding speech was, frankly, yada, […]

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All things mobile are so hot right now, and for good reason. Smartphones are quickly overtaking mobile telephony devices at breakneck speed. Remember when people talked on their mobile phones? AT&T activated 8.6 million iPhones and 10.2 million smartphones in the last quarter. Verizon iPhone activations increased by 47% in th3e past quarter. 6.2 million […]

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Do you feel annoyed when having decided what to buy, you get to the checkout only to find out that the price has increased because the merchant slapped an extra fee for paying by card? I know, I do. The card networks know that as well, which is why they have been insisting on a “no surcharge” rule – i.e. […]

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