USAA Deposit@Mobile User Impressions

USAA Deposit@Mobile User Impressions
USAA Federal Savings Bank was an early-adopter of mobile RDC (mRDC) with its Deposit@Mobile product introduced in 2009, which followed the 2006 introduction of its desktop RDC product, Deposit@Home. This offers user impressions of its newest app version, currently available for the iPad and available for the iPhone and Android shortly. The upgrade offers two significant capabilities: • The option for automatic scanning, much like how most QR code readers operate. • The ability to deposit multiple checks in each deposit. The capabilities were developed in-house. Both are significant in Celent’s opinion and demonstrate USAA’s continued leadership in this space. Like many users, I upgraded USAA’s mobile app without hesitation and without knowing what was new. The next time I logged into the app, the new Deposit@Home capabilities were front and center with a pop-up window merchandizing the “automatic check capture” feature (below). USAA1 Once I navigated to “Deposit Checks” I was greeted with a more detailed explanation of what was new. Both features were clearly explained and I was able to deposit using automatic scanning or using the old workflow. Naturally, I tried the new capability. USAA2 Once Deposit Checks was selected, the scanning began immediately. As shown below, what to do was rather obvious. The image capture occurred within about two seconds once I had the check reasonably outlined by the green band. Rear image capture occurred identically. Once both sides were captured, I could continue with additional items using the same process. I scanned two items. Once image capture was complete, the application took me quickly through each item to indicate the deposit amount as well as the deposit account. The straightforward way to deposit into multiple accounts was rather clever. Although most users won’t likely have the need to deposit multiple checks, small businesses surely would along with the “power user” segment. USAA3a The deposit confirmation (below) was detailed and immediate. It showed with clarity, where the funds were deposited and confirmed availability of each item. USAA4 Overall, I found the app brain-dead easy to operate, and the deposit was successful on the first attempt – more than can be said of many mRDC applications in service. The process was a bit faster than the old approach for single item deposits, and significantly faster for multiple item deposits. The application is refreshingly flexible compared to the rigidity of most available mRDC apps, while not sacrificing usability. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been a USAA member since serving a tour on-board nuclear submarines (SSBN 658) in the mid 1980’s. Originally an insurance subscriber, I now enjoy a broader range of USAA services.
Bob Meara About Bob Meara

Bob Meara is a senior analyst with Celent's banking practice and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. His research focuses on the branch and ATM delivery channels, customer analytics and check and cash payment processing technologies. A well known authority on remote deposit capture, Bob has led multiple consulting engagements including proprietary research projects involving financial services hardware, software and the impact of self-service on branch banking.

Before joining Celent, Bob was the director of product marketing at Alogent. In this role, he positioned and launched a series of Check 21 payments solutions.

Prior to Alogent, Bob also held positions in marketing and brand management at BellSouth, Hayes Corporation, and Procter & Gamble in addition to being a commissioned naval officer.

Bob earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

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