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Celent held a client roundtable on the subject of “Digital.” We had a sneaking suspicion that there wasn’t a lot of consensus on what that word actually means, so just prior to the event we asked participants “to list three words or initiatives that you associate with digital in your organization.” Here’s what we found: […]

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I’ve just spent an extraordinarily useful day at a banking conference, Source Media’s Retail Banking 2014, in Orlando  (  Great sessions and great attendees (plus the chance to get out of Boston’s snow) made the journey worthwhile. Many of the memes of the day  (in no particular order, and with no claims to exhaustiveness) reinforced […]

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Celent thinks that banks can learn a lot from other industries.  Since I spend a lot of time on planes, I’ve gotten to thinking about the similarities between banks and airlines.  They have a lot in common when we think about the way that they interact with their customers.  They are both: 1. A means […]

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We just held our 3rd Innovation Roundtable in New York City and the event further underscored how important this area is to financial services institutions.  The format of these gatherings is discussion-based and senior leaders from banks and insurers share their experiences in building innovation capabilities in their firms. The New York group included large […]

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I looked at 2013 to see what the readers of Celent’s banking reports were most interested in. Here are the top 10, ranked by the number of downloads, and the date they were published. Innovation is clearly of interest to our subscribers, as are top trends. What do you think will be hottest in 2014? […]

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This is a story about bad customer service and lessons it holds for financial services firms. At the risk of disclosing more than anyone might want to know about my personal finances, my last round of home refinancing brought me to Charles Schwab, where I took out a conforming first mortgage and a HELOC.  Schwab […]

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We recently held a banks-only roundtable at our offices in Toronto to discuss “New Imperatives for Omni-Channel Delivery.” With representation from Canadian and US financial institutions, we had a robust conversation around the movement from “multi-channel” (old and siloed) to “omni-channel” (integrated and mutually reinforcing). Some of the attendees had interesting – and fairly recent […]

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I’ve had a little time now to reflect on the latest BAI conference, held earlier this month in Denver.  I have five observations: Trite as it sounds, there is still no substitute for face-to-face interaction.  The Celent banking team was booked from dawn to dusk, meeting with banks and service providers to discuss current views […]

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We just assembled a group of UK retail bankers for a discussion on The Future of the Bank Account. Against the backdrop of the month-old implementation of the directive that bank switching be seamlessly completed in seven days , banks were keen to understand the implications of changing consumer needs and behaviors, evolving regulations, and […]

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There are all sorts of blogs covering various aspects of financial technology. One in particular covers financial services marketing: The Financial Brand ( Given that marketing is just one part of what Celent covers in the banking technology space, I’m extremely pleased and honored to say that The Financial Brand has just selected Celent’s banking […]

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