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Bob recently posted some views on the same day ACH – as always, great points, well made. Somehow, in Twittersphere, some of the comments got attributed to me, and from that some of those have got re-interpreted as me being anti real-time payments. As my daughters would say, whatever! That’s not the point of this […]

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No, not “I Love You” or “Buy Celent Research”. But That, Which and May. The long running saga around Durbin interchange fees took another twist last week. To recap, a group of merchants (knowns as NACS) sued the Federal Reserve, arguing that the Durbin rule it had imposed exceeded the authority granted by Congress to […]

Mar 25th, 2014 | Filed under Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking

Apple seems to be getting a lot of attention from Celent recently – Zils’ most recent report was called Apple in Payments, and  a number of us have blogged about various aspects, including a blog post from myself last month. This weekend made me think again about the subject, though not perhaps to benefit of […]

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Today the European Commission released its long awaited study into the cost of merchants accepting cash and card payments. A copy of the preliminary presentation can be found here. It’s long awaited for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is supposed to finally address the issue of comparing actual costs. Whilst there have been many […]

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Zil’s most excellent post about his recent experience with a new payment type highlights one of the challenges that all new systems face – they’ve got to work “out of the box”. Few people (including Mrs Zil!) would have been so patient. That reminded me of a recent conversation Zil & I had around iPhones, […]

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The news on January 15th that the SEPA deadline would be extended came as both a shock, but at the same time, not a surprise. The regulator, based on the levels of migration (available here ), has proposed a 6 month grace period. At the heart of the problem are the low levels of SEPA […]

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So, whilst Robert was doing things in Vegas that have largely stayed in Vegas, I was spending time with my family during the UK school holidays. However, I may not win any awards for best dad! How did I entertain my two daughters? Cinema? Amusement park? Swimming? No. Let’s go open you both bank accounts! […]

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Wednesday saw the Government announce  ) its plans to overhaul UK payments. Regular readers of the Celent blog will know I’ve commented on this several times – here, here, and here. In short, the Government asked the industry, in a poorly formulated consultation, whether it wanted to be regulated or not; unsurprisingly, the industry said […]

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In my previous posts about Sibos, I talked very much about Sibos itself. What I didn’t get chance to share was some of the interesting points on the panel that moderated there. The session was called “What global institutions could learn from Middle Eastern Innovations in Payments markets” I’d like to again my thanks to […]

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This is my second post on Sibos. The first focused on some of the impressions I took from my conversations at Sibos. This post is more on the impressions from Sibos itself. As regular attendees will agree, the event as a whole often serves as a good barometer of industry sentiment. The headline is that […]

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