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Commercial banks play a vital role in the financial system among; facilitating borrowing and lending for corporate clients to optimize their funds, provide specialized financial services to enable efficiency in transactions, and much more. Now imagine a world without banks. Corporations (excluding retail in this blog) would struggle to borrow money, spend much time seeking […]

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I attended the AFP conference in Las Vegas. Attendance seemed high while this may be partially attributable to the fact that it was held in Las Vegas. Now I wish I can tell you more about the conference, but like they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. All jokes aside, it was a […]

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On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 2 p.m. EST, TransCentra will be hosting a webinar event “The Future of Lockbox: 3 Key Trends for the Evolving Payments Environment” to address the importance of lockbox in an ever-changing payments environment. Paul Diegelman, SVP of TransCentra will host the event accompanied by two bank product management experts, […]

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Regulation and technology are changing the banking business model while the SME segment may be the better investment going forward.   The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) is a vital segment for the economy in the US and globally. The growth rate for SME on a global scale has been on the rise. More specifically, […]

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The large financial institutions have been voicing their concerns of how regulation will have adverse impacts to the financial sector, including the overall economic recovery. In fact, many experts have predicted that bank profitability will suffer as a result of these regulatory changes. The argument does make sense: less capital to lend and increased liquidity […]

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Banks have been struggling to keep up with the regulatory demands in place from the likes of Basel, Dodd-Frank, and more. In a previous blog post, I discussed some of the hurdles banks are facing including, but not limited to, the technical or technological needs to meet requirements. Now, we are seeing other non-intended consequences […]

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Bank revenue is the hot topic today. How are banks performing in spite of the regulatory costs imposed on their business model? More importantly, what does the future look like? Let’s start with current events and performance. The press headlines these days reflect a poor performance from US banks in terms of revenue and performance. […]

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We are seeing continued cost alignment from banks both on the retail and commercial side. The trend is nothing new and we keep getting steady news and development to support this focus on cost re-alignment. Most recently on the retail side of the house, there are continued down-sizing on branches. The number of branches keeps […]

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Celent is challenging all to come up with the best definition of innovation in six words or less. We will be evaluating these stories as definitions and selecting a winner at Celent Innovation and Insight (I&I) Day in Boston on February 27th. There will be prizes! We encourage you to come up with your own […]

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I had the pleasure of attending the SIBOS Annual Conference in Osaka, Japan last week with several of my colleagues in the Celent banking team. I spent much of my time at the event in constructive meetings with clients and prospects. Several industry leading vendors have organized fantastic events. A few I would like to […]

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