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It’s 2015, the mid-point of the decade and a good time to start looking at major trends in Asian financial services over the next five to ten years. One of the major themes will be regional integration, which is another way of saying the development of cross-border markets. There are at least two important threads […]

Rumours of this purchase have being down the rounds for months (I was discussing it in June at EBADay), although the acquirer has only been ever referred to as a “US Vendor”. In discussions with clients over the last few months, I’ve highlighted 5 potential suitors (including FIS), and of those, four for very similar […]

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While at the AFP conference last month, I had the pleasure of hearing Ken Segall speak at a breakfast event sponsored by USDataworks. Ken worked closely with Steve Jobs as advertising agency creative director for NeXT and Apple. His experience inspired him to write Insanely Simple, published earlier this year by Penguin Books Ltd. Two […]

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Farmers & Merchants Bank, a $2 billion-asset bank based in Long Beach, Calif., is launching an image cash letter service. The accompanying press release caught the eye of American Banker resulting in a story today on the topic, Big Check Volumes Aren’t Just for Big Banks, a Small Bank Says, written by John Adams. I […]

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Every duck hunter knows that in order to avoid coming home empty-handed, one must aim ahead of the bird – lead the bird as it is commonly referred. The idea is that if one aims directly at the bird, every shot will be a miss no matter how precise the aim. That’s because by the […]

The American Banker published an unlikely article this morning. In its article written by Jackie Stuart, Maryland Bank to Use Wausau Lockbox Service, the article waxed eloquent about the benefits Sandy Spring Bank will realize with its outsourced wholesale lockbox solution. Really – wholesale lockbox making headlines? A 50 year-old product? I was encouraged to […]

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Many of our healthcare banking readers have by now heard of the recent turn of events at Canopy Financial, a tech vendor offering CDH (consumer-directed healthcare) account processing platforms for banks and health plan carriers. As has been reported in TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal, serious allegations are being made regarding financial report falsification. […]

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For our U.S. readers, most of you have begun (or are about to begin) your healthcare enrollment process. Once again, we will have to face the daunting task of trying to understand the myriad of complex benefit designs among the differing health plan options offered by our employers. The whole process is as fun as, […]

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During the last couple of months, I’ve noticed increased interest, queries and activity surrounding on-line bill pay for healthcare payments. Given increased healthcare costs paid by consumers and the fact that we normally receive bills for medical visits after the doctor’s appointment (i.e., we don’t make full payment at the medical facility), on-line bill pay […]

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Senator Max Baucus’ (D-MT) long-awaited healthcare reform bill Chairman’s Mark (draft) was finally released today. I haven’t had chance to dive into the details, but a few interesting healthcare banking-related points jumped out: The worst-case scenario did not materialize: FSAs, HSAs and HSAs are not targeted for extinction. However, there will be limited contribution amounts […]

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