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A somewhat topical post, if mildly parochial, but which serves to highlight something more broadly. On September 18th , a new nation could be born, as Scotland goes to the polls to vote whether it should become independent from the rest of the UK. The debate has raged for months, if not years. The latest […]

Sep 12th, 2014 | Filed under Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking

A number of you will know that I’ve been working on real-time payments with many clients around the world, and will have seen previews of some of the information in my forthcoming reports. One chart I have shown regularly is the likely adoption curve for real-time payments. This takes a classic innovation adoption bell curve. […]

May 28th, 2014 | Filed under Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking

After attending IPS, NACHA Payments is always a slightly strange experience. Not bad, just quite a different set-up. IPS is very international – if anything the UK is under represented – and more senior. NACHA offers much to the more junior member of staff, particularly those seeking to renew their AAP accreditation. This means that […]

May 8th, 2014 | Filed under Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking

Bob recently posted some views on the same day ACH – as always, great points, well made. Somehow, in Twittersphere, some of the comments got attributed to me, and from that some of those have got re-interpreted as me being anti real-time payments. As my daughters would say, whatever! That’s not the point of this […]

Apr 6th, 2014 | Filed under Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking

Yesterday, NACHA issued a press release announcing initial steps towards same-day ACH. This is a second attempt at accelerating ACH payments. Rather than a “big bang”, this second attempt advocates a phased approach, inviting banks to invest in three projects instead of one. The sentiment seems worthwhile, but I’m not convinced that this is a […]

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My last post mentioned that I was on a panel at International Payments Summit talking about real time payments. The topic is one that has cropped up many times recently in analyst inquiry calls in the last few months. With all the activity in the market, such as the decision in Australia to implement such […]

May 8th, 2013 | Filed under Corporate Banking, Retail Banking

In my recent report on Digital Wallets, I discussed a number of players which while still keeping their cards close to their chests, have a potential to significantly influence the payments market. One of them is Apple, which made headlines recently with their patent for cash distribution without ATMs – see Bob Meara’s excellent blog and my related […]

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Earlier this month Aptys Solutions announced the availability of same-day ACH support on its PayLogics platform primarily used by midsize banks. On about the same timing, Fiserv made known the availability later this year of a separately licensed module to its PEP+ product used by most large US banks. The enhancement is currently being pilot […]

Jul 28th, 2011 | Filed under Corporate Banking, Retail Banking

While attending Fiserv Analyst Day 2010 on Thursday last week, I unwarily volunteered to participate in a live demo as part of a presentation of Fiserv’s digital channels solutions. This was a bit risky since at the time, I had been an iPhone user all of twelve hours. Fiserv launched ZashPay in July 2010 and […]

Oct 13th, 2010 | Filed under Banking, Retail Banking

It’s certainly no news flash that US check volumes have been declining. Depending on whom you talk to 5% to 7% annual rates of decline (checks written) over the past few years seems likely. Another Federal Reserve check study is in the works this year to add precision since it has been since 2007 since […]

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