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Last week’s newspapers brought the unsettling news that JP MorganChase’s internal CRM systems were penetrated by unknown attackers, compromising the personal information of 76 million households and 7 million small businesses. The Bank had released a statement to its clients on Thursday noting that “there is no evidence” that account numbers, ATM PINs, or social security […]

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As an IBM alumnus (but no longer a stockholder) I’ve gotten pretty used to seeing the company do things a certain way. And then I attended a day-long “Watson at Scale (aka Ecosystem 2.0)” event on October 7 and had a lot of my old notions upended. Watson, of course, came to prominence when it […]

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They say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” In my report last year I contrasted Google Wallet and PayPal as representatives of two fundamentally distinct approaches seeking to win in the battle to bring mobile payments to the high street. Not anymore – having failed to ignite the market in the first 12 months […]

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Extensive travel tends to wreak havoc on the usual patterns and the best intentions. As a result, I haven’t yet had a chance to blog about an interesting development first announced a couple of weeks ago. FIS, a large technology and services provider, has announced a new m-payments system, developed in partnership with Paydiant, a […]

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Over recent months, there has been a considerable increase in the buzz around mobile and electronic wallets in the developed markets. New wallets have been launched (e.g., Google Wallet, Amex Serve), with many more companies announcing intent to compete in this space (e.g., Visa, PayPal, Isis, and others). A number of industry leaders proclaimed (again) […]

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced AWS GovCloud, a new AWS Region designed to allow U.S. government agencies and contractors to move more sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements. AWS GovCloud is an AWS Region designed to allow U.S. government agencies and contractors to move more sensitive workloads into […]

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Amazon’s cloud computing offering went down, bringing lots of other dot.coms down with it. I have never been a huge fan of cloud computing, as I explained in a previous blog post, Cloud or Fog? My concerns have always been around security. If you don’t know on which server or in which data center your […]

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Working in the San Francisco, I am not unfamiliar with fog. It can swirl around you and disorient you, obscuring the reality of what is really happening. I think that the hype around cloud computing is more fog than cloud. What is Cloud computing? From the Celent Report, Cloud Computing, SaaS, and Technology Outsourcing for […]

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I have undergone a conversion. After talking to a bank CIO and attending the Cloudforce Tour yesterday in San Jose, California, I now see a place for the cloud in banking. The bank CIO talked about moving not just prospecting, but account origination to the cloud, specifically to The tools available on […]

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Dr. Vishal Sikka, the CTO of SAP, talks about timeless software which has four major thrusts, two of which are: Cloud-based consumption of computing Interoperable components: lessons learned from SOA The challenge of the two isn’t building the cloud and building the services, but integrating the services of the service provider and service consumer. In […]

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