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I’m on a plane over the Arabian Sea collecting my thoughts after a packed week in Trivandrum, Bangalore and Mumbai. The impetus for my trip was the honor of presenting at Suntec’s User Meet on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The clients who attended were extraordinarily open about their stories and presented extremely compelling […]

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Islamic banking has been on the rise in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 60% of the global Islamic banking market. However, despite its rise in the rest of the region, the penetration of Islamic banking in India has been low. This is especially surprising with India having approximately 154 million Muslims and being the second […]

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It has been quite some time since the core banking trend hit the Indian banking industry. Almost all the top banks in India have implemented the core banking makeover in their systems and moved towards “Anytime, Anywhere” banking. But, the obvious question arises. Have the banks really moved, in spite of their marketing campaigns saying […]

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On April 1, India entered a new era in ATM banking. The Reserve Bank of India, central banking authority of India, brought about a proposal to allow the bank customers to withdraw money from ATMs of any other bank in India free of charge. Earlier, a fixed charge was levied on the customer by the […]

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Indian banks enjoyed a competition-free era, operating under a protectionist regime, till 1991. The competition from private and foreign banks was hardly noticeable till the government liberalized the Indian economy in 1991. Ever since, the number of foreign banks has grown considerably and currently India has 29 foreign banks operating with around 277 branches and […]

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Gone are the days when only the rich withdrew money from ATMs in India. India has seen exponential growth in ATMs, with a cumulative annual growth of about 70% since 2000. During 2007-2008 alone, the number of ATMs grew by 28.4%. However, there has been a clear lack of symmetry in their spread. The ATMs […]

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