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The American Banker published an unlikely article this morning. In its article written by Jackie Stuart, Maryland Bank to Use Wausau Lockbox Service, the article waxed eloquent about the benefits Sandy Spring Bank will realize with its outsourced wholesale lockbox solution. Really – wholesale lockbox making headlines? A 50 year-old product? I was encouraged to […]

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In April 2009, JPMorgan Chase announced an agreement to outsource its retail lockbox business to Regulus Group, a unit of 3i Infotech. More recently, Citibank announced it sold its retail and wholesale lockbox business to RemitCo, a subsidiary of First Data Corporation. Is declining consumer check writing at the root of both moves? Sure, but […]

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I was at the SunGard analyst conference and heard their CEO Chris Conde talking about Software as a Service (SaaS). What he said told me that SunGard is serious about SaaS not just as a vendor but as a customer. He said that if a vendor offered SaaS to SunGard he would prefer that SunGard […]

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I was one of many attending Diebold’s Integrated Services Day held on April 15 at its’ headquarters in Canton, Ohio. After 150 years of business primarily as a hardware manufacturer, Diebold last week announced that its business model is shifting away from products toward integrated services. Over the next five years, Diebold will strive to […]

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